About Us

Vin Van Caerdydd is an independent, bilingual, wine merchant based in Cardiff. We provide an online wine delivery service, we open as an outdoor wine bar on Fridays & Saturdays and we host virtual and outdoor wine tasting events.
Our mission is to make quality wines available to everyone, to share our knowledge and expertise and dispel the myth that you have to be an expert to enjoy good-quality wine. There are no rules, it’s okay to like what you like!
We aim to achieve the concept of accessibility in four ways:

Wine delivered to your door!

Through online, contactless shopping, you can purchase wines through our website and receive deliveries safely within 24 hours for FREE!* This will give you more choice and better access to wines no matter what's going on in your life!

Wines of the Month!

By offering a brand new selection of wines every month, you will never run out of interesting wines to try, achieving a real variety! Why not subscribe to our monthly discovery case?

Sharing is Caring!

With each bottle of wine we provide downloadable, detailed tasting notes as well as access to online wine-related content, sharing our in-depth knowledge of wine with whoever is drinking it. This means everyone can become better informed about the wine they drink and will give people more confidence when buying wine in the future. 

Local & Bilingual!

Supporting small, local and independent businesses is important to us, which is why we work with a variety of people who offer local and Welsh produce & services. We actively support the Welsh wine industry and we offer all of our services through English and Welsh.

Vin Van Caerdydd - A little history 

For those who don’t know me, my name is Sara and I’m the self-titled “Cwîn y Gwîn” or “Wine Queen” (I’m just hoping it will catch on at some point!).
“As much as I love this industry it can sometimes feel intimidating and exclusive. I try to make wine more approachable and hope that this gives people the opportunity to interact more confidently with wine. I'm constantly learning about grape varieties, wine regions and winemaking styles and I’m particularly interested in the Welsh wine industry. I enjoy trying new things and I'd like to think that I encourage others to do the same. You don't have to be an expert to enjoy wine!”
My interest in wine first began whilst living in Madrid, sipping on a glass of ‘vino tinto’ wondering how it only cost me 3 Euros. I was astounded by the quality of Spanish wine that was easily accessible in most bars, restaurants and even supermarkets in Spain. Spaniards are aware of their different wine regions and know what kind of wines to expect from each one. We tend to know about whatever wine is in fashion at the time without really understanding why. I was curious and so I started reading up and stocking up!
After moving back to Cardiff I completed my WSET Level 3 in Wines and started to work in the wine industry. I started researching Wales' wine industry and was pleasantly surprised by how many wine producing vineyards there are in the country. These wines, however, were not only difficult to source, but were also wildly under-represented in South Wales at the time. People were not (and still aren’t) aware that we have at least 30 registered vineyards in Wales and more are being planted every year. 
This is where the original idea for Vin Van Caerdydd was born. I wanted to spread the word about the Welsh wine industry, try local wines and get people to realise the potential that was on their doorstep (much like in Spain). At the beginning of 2020 we hosted two pop-up Welsh wine tasting events and had sold out tickets for another two. We were in the middle of organising a few more events around Easter and then Covid19 hit, which obviously put a ginormous spanner in the works. 
After the initial disappointment, we went back to the drawing board, re-evaluated our goals and re-designed the business model to create a slightly different version of Vin Van Caerdydd. Accessibility has always been our main goal with wine, initially by hosting wine tasting events, during lockdown by posting video tastings online and now we’re doing so by delivering wine to your door! 
We want people to feel comfortable and confident when choosing, tasting and talking about wine. We’d rather give you the tools to make up your own mind about wine as opposed to telling you what to think. We still post tons of information about a variety of wines we stock, we still actively support the Welsh wine industry and now we’re now offering different wines by the glass every week at the Bridge Studios Taproom, Wine Bar & Street Food Venue!

This is Steve - aka Kiwi Steve

Steve is Sara’s right hand man in business and in life. He was there behind the scenes helping with the original Welsh wine tasting events and has been instrumental in the planning and organisation of the business from the beginning. Although he doesn’t have a background in wine, he brings his extensive event management and hospitality experience in Cardiff to Vin Van.
“As a New Zealander with parents from a wine region in South Africa (and having lived in France for 3 years) my interest in wine has grown and grown! Vin Van Caerdydd allows anyone to enjoy wine without the pressure and snobbery that’s usually attached to the industry."
We're also raising a very small human who is just as sassy and vocal as her parents. Running a business and raising children is no easy feat but we are enjoying every minute of it and have the utmost respect for others who are doing the same!
We may not get much sleep these days but we are always keen to hear from you and make an effort to reply promptly! We welcome any ideas, suggestions or feedback or maybe you'd like to collaborate with us. Whatever your query, feel free to get in touch!
Iechyd da!