Ioni Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Ioni Extra Virgin Olive oil is made by Nigel and Sophia Thomas who own and run the Petrino Estate in Preveza, Greece. Only Lianolia olives are used to make this artisan oil, which represents only 3 % of all olive varieties in the world and thrives only along the Ionian coastline.
"We grow all our own vegetables and fruit without using pesticides and up until recently we used to make our extra virgin olive oil only for our family and friends. Our oil is made with love and care. It represents our commitment to produce the purest, tastiest and healthiest extra virgin olive oil we can. Our artisan approach means we only make small amounts of the highest-quality oil. No tricks, no shortcuts just a dedicated passion, love and care for what we grow and eat."
This is a well balanced extra virgin olive oil with fruity notes of green grass, banana, flowers and citrus fruit on the nose, delicate bitterness of green almonds and a smooth velvet spiciness that lingers.
More information including health benefits can be found on their website.