Behind The Vine

Kicking off on St David's Day 2021, we launched an exciting new campaign to celebrate Welsh vineyards and all the incredible people involved in growing and producing wines from Wales!


Every month we'll be celebrating a different Welsh vineyard starting with Gwinllan Llaethliw Vineyard. Throughout the month we’ll be sharing stories, photos and information about the family that runs Llaethliw and the wines they make, culminating in a virtual wine tasting event via Zoom on Saturday the 27th of March. We will meet the vineyard owners, learn more about some of the challenges of growing grapes in Wales and of course, talk about and taste some of their wines!

You will receive an invitation to take part in our virtual wine tasting if you buy any bottle of Llaethliw wine before the 27th of March.

Gwinllan Llaethliw Vineyard

We've had the pleasure of working with Siw, Richard (pictured) and Jac their son from Llaethliw for over a year now. In fact, before we had even launched Vin Van Caerdydd, we were hosting pop-up tasting events and theirs were the first Welsh wines we were able to introduce.

It was their wines that initially made us realise the incredible potential of Welsh viticulture therefore it makes sense for us to start our campaign with this vineyard.

As well as promoting Welsh wines and vineyards throughout this campaign, our main focus will be on the people who are involved in growing the grapes and making the wines. Over the past year, we've gotten to know the Evans family well and we're very excited for you to get to know them too throughout the month.

Keep an eye on our social media for posts, stories and photos and feel free to send us any questions you may have for the vineyard owners.

Watch Siw and her son Jac work the vineyard in the video below.


Parva Vineyard

This month we're focusing our efforts on Parva Vineyard, one of the oldest vineyards in Wales and just an hour drive from Cardiff.

Judith and Colin have been running the vineyard since 1996 and now produce 8 different wines as well as some fruit wines and spicy mead.

We have been working with Judith and Colin for over a year now and are very excited to share their history and knowledge of grape growing in Wales with you all.

The live virtual tasting will take place on Saturday the 24th of April between 8-9pm on Zoom. Tasting packs will include 125ml measures of a Parva rosé, white and red for you to taste as well as a tasting sheet and will be posted or delivered on Friday the 23rd or Saturday the 24th.

Watch Colin & Judith on their vineyard in the short video below.

For more general information about Welsh Vineyards, visit the Vineyards of Wales website and find out where else you can buy Welsh wines here.